Apple confirms RCS messages are still shown

Apple has made an official announcement today regarding its intention to incorporate Rich Communication Services (RCS) into its iPhone devices by the year 2024. There is a growing curiosity among users and media on the potential resolution of the ongoing discourse surrounding the blue and green bubble.

The subject of discussion pertains to international technology media. Official confirmation from Apple has been obtained by 9to5Mac, indicating that the forthcoming iPhone model will indeed offer support for RCS. However, it has been clarified that despite this support, messages transmitted via RCS will continue to be visually represented as green bubbles, while iMessage communications would be visually distinguished by their blue bubble appearance.

Apple confirms RCS messages

Over the course of recent years, the discourse surrounding the blue-green dichotomy has emerged as a significant subject of deliberation among American constituents. Both Google and Samsung employed the usage of vibrant color schemes as a means of expressing their disapproval towards Apple’s lack of support for RCS.

Hamza Mumtaz

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