Apple stops signing iOS 17.0.2

Users who have upgraded are no longer able to downgrade or revert to this firmware because Apple closed the iOS 17.0.2 verification channel today after closing the iOS 17.0.3 signature verification channel earlier this month. Iteration.

In September of this year, Apple released the iOS 17.0.2 firmware, which has the internal version number 21A351. Apple said in the update log that “this update fixes an issue that may prevent data from being transferred from another iPhone during setup.”

To dissuade customers from downgrading to earlier software versions, Apple will progressively stop offering verification for older iOS versions over time. The most recent version of iOS that is accessible to the general public right now is 17.1.1; iOS 17.2 is now in public beta and is anticipated to launch in December.

According to earlier reports from IT House, the most recent version of iOS 17.2 has a number of feature updates, including note-taking apps, group Apple Music playlists, translation options for the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button, iMessage contact key verification, more weather and clock widget parts, and more.

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