Apple’s self-developed 5G modem development

According to Mark Gurman’s recent publication in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, it has been reported that Apple’s internally created 5G modem project is encountering difficulties.

According to IT Home, Apple completed the acquisition of a significant portion of Intel’s smartphone business in 2019, thereafter embarking on an earnest endeavor to independently create its own modem technology. However, it is worth noting that the progression of this development process encountered certain challenges.

Apple had initially intended to introduce a proprietary 5G modem chip in 2024, with the aim of being the first to integrate it into the iPhone SE model. However, subsequent reports indicated that this timeline has been delayed until 2025.

Apple’s self-developed 5G modem

According to Gurman’s last newsletter, Apple intends to further postpone the release of its internally designed 5G modem chip, with the new projected timeline set for the conclusion of 2025 or the commencement of 2026.

According to Gurman’s paper, it has been disclosed that Apple’s internally produced 5G modem chips are currently in their nascent phase and might potentially fall behind competitors by a significant margin of “several years.”

According to reports, Apple’s presently created proprietary 5G modem chip lacks capability for mmWave technology. Currently, two primary challenges exist. Firstly, Intel’s legacy code necessitates Apple to engage in a process of rewriting, wherein the addition of new functions may potentially disrupt existing functions. Secondly, the matter of development arises. It is imperative to exercise caution during the chip manufacturing process to avoid any potential infringement of Qualcomm’s patents.

According to a statement made by an Apple employee, the company assumed responsibility for a project that had previously been unsuccessful under Intel’s management. Despite lacking complete information, the individual expressed unwavering confidence in Apple’s ability to achieve success. According to reports, Apple’s hardware technology division is currently facing resource constraints across multiple projects, resulting in challenges in effectively addressing faults and issues.

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