Google is developing an Android assistant with Bard

Google has reportedly been dedicating significant effort to the development of Google Bard, as numerous rumors and leaks suggest. The primary objective of the search behemoth is to provide formidable opposition to ChatGPT. Google plans to extensively integrate Bard with Google Assistant on Android Phones. Nevertheless, you will have the option to utilize the traditional Google Assistant if desired. There is a great deal of anticipation among people to evaluate Assistant with Bard. Recently, several screenshots depicting Assistant with Bard have emerged on the internet. They demonstrate the user experience (UX) and a range of features that are currently being developed. Let’s examine it thoroughly.


The screenshots indicate that the new setup screen would inform customers about the AI chatbot’s ability to assist with many traditional Assistant activities. The onboarding page also demonstrates its ability to integrate with Google apps, enhancing the functionality of Google’s ecosystem. Summoning Assistant with Bard will result in a streamlined user interface. The option to choose between light and dark themes will be provided. By expanding into the entire UX via the right arrow on the popup, you will have the opportunity to have a distraction-free experience.

Google is developing an Android assistant with Bard

Furthermore, the new AI Chatbot will provide recommendations regarding its potential applications. For example, you can utilize it for virtually any work, such as typing, speaking, or providing instructions through a photograph. If you activate Assistant while Bard is open on any current application, you will be presented with the option to “Add this screen.” By clicking on it, a screenshot of the current screen will be attached to provide context. Subsequently, you can instruct the AI helper to carry out a task utilizing the provided facts.


The Bard assistant will also maintain a record of your conversations with the AI. You can retrieve your conversations at any point in the future. Bard Extensions will also be available. In addition, there will be a multitude of alternative settings.

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  • There will be a switch between the new and the traditional Google Assistant.
  • The capacity to exercise control on the utilization of traditional Assistant functionalities.
  • concise expressions displayed content diverse functionalities of the Classic Assistant

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