India is one of iPhone 15’s first launch markets

According to the Financial Times, the iPhone’s introduction in the Indian market has been delayed by around a month in past years, but this year it will be one of the first markets for Apple’s iPhone 15.

According to sources, the Foxconn facility in Chennai, India’s southeastern city, will ship the iPhone 15 in mid-September. Even if it is not launched at the same time, the delay is likely to be only a few days.

IT Home Note: Last September 7, Apple announced the iPhone 14 series. Ten days later, the Indian Foxconn facility in Chennai began manufacturing, and it is planned to be marketed in the Indian market one month later.

According to the rumor, Apple ordered Foxconn to begin production ahead of schedule, and the iPhone 15 series is scheduled to be released simultaneously around the world. Even if there is a minor delay, it will only be a few days to accommodate iPhone demand in the Indian market.

According to TechInsights’ previously released Apple iPhone global shipments report for the second quarter of 2023, India has become Apple’s fifth largest market and is also an important strategic market for Apple in terms of sales and manufacturing. Local shipments increased year on year in this quarter. A more than 50% increase.

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