iOS 17 Beta Teases iPhone 15 Pro Action Button

The seventh beta version of iOS 17, which was just recently made available to developers by Apple, provides additional clues that the iPhone 15 Pro will have a “Action Button.” The new information confirms what had been speculated previously, namely that Apple will install a new action button in place of the mute switch.

iOS 17 beta 7 has new haptic feedback patterns that are activated whenever the user toggles silent mode on or off. When the user toggles between these patterns, the portable electronic device will vibrate more forcefully than usual.

In earlier iterations of iOS, rapid haptic feedback was only available when the user enabled Silent Mode; it was never available when the user turned off Silent Mode. Despite the fact that the updated haptic feedback for when Silent Mode is activated is available for all iPhone models to use. The feedback for returning to the regular mode is not being utilized.

iOS 17 Beta Teases iPhone 15 Pro Action Button

It is quite simple to determine whether or not Silent Mode is active thanks to the mute switch. Users will be better able to tell which mode their phone is in if the button is switched out for one that uses solid-state technology.

According to the rumors, the new Action Button will provide customers the ability to replace the action of activating or disabling Silent Mode with the choice to trigger a Focus Mode, record a Voice Memo, trigger Siri Shortcuts, or access the device’s Camera. These options will be available in addition to the ability to enable or disable Silent Mode.

Apple is planning to update the look of its iPhone series, particularly the design of its Pro versions, later this year. Titanium frames, which are both more durable and more lightweight, will come standard on the new Pro versions. Additionally, the bezels around their screens will be reduced in size.

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