My Zong App is much more better than before

Zong has upgraded My Zong App to provide the greatest services to its consumers. The needs of the customer have been taken into consideration when creating an entirely new upgraded application. The app provides its devoted users with a seamless experience as well. Here, we must acknowledge that the organisation, with its customer-focused strategy, provides great services to its clients with effective solutions, creativity, and cutting-edge technology.

New Version Of My Zong App:

Customers may now discover more services like ordering/receiving 4G supported cell phones and Mobile Broadband Devices (MBB) (all designed and produced by Zong) at their doorstep for free or without spending a single penny using the most recent version of the My Zong App.

Customers who are unable to visit a Zong Franchise physically for any reason will find the online shopping feature to be very helpful. To address this problem, the company has added this newly developed feature so that customers can purchase their preferred mobile devices or MBB devices with just a few clicks without ever having to leave their couch.

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However, Zong customers now have the ability to activate international roaming services and packages either at home or on the go via the My Zong App, ensuring that they are constantly online.

My Zong App (Home Screen Widget):

Customers may quickly check their remaining Minutes, SMS, and Internet MBs via the My Zong App Widget without leaving their home screen thanks to the app’s brand-new “My Zong App Home Screen Widget” function.

Simply place the widget on the home screen of your Android device, and you’re done. The My Zong App widget is always available moving forward to keep you updated with the latest usage/history of incoming/outgoing Calls, SMS, and Internet GBs / MBs, so you can receive all the information you might need and never run out of balance.

My Zong App Exclusive Offers:

My Zong App also enables users to navigate via an array of “Exclusive Discounts & Offers” menu to enjoy intelligently designed extremely affordable packages offers. 

Report an issue:

With the latest update, customers can now share real-time feedback and can address various issues which they might be facing while using My Zong App via “Zong Survey” option.

Zong 4G is successfully providing its customers with best services, whereas the company never settles and keeps introducing new services and offers. My Zong App is available to download for both OS Platforms Android / iOS. 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Please visit the My Zong App or call the Zong Helpline 310 for more details or to ask any questions.
  • Offers may be modified at any time without prior notice.

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