OnePlus 12 detailed renderings released

The OnePlus 12 has been showcased in a series of comprehensive renderings recently published by a digital blogger at The machine exhibits several features, including a three-stage switch with ancestral origins, infrared apertures, and dual speakers.

Regarding the design aspect, with the exception of the flash located in the upper left corner, the rear camera module exhibits notable dissimilarities when compared to models such as the OnePlus 11 and the OnePlus Ace 2. According to the official statement, the design of the lens module is influenced by high-end luxury watches. Additionally, the front of the device features a centrally positioned punch-hole screen. The observation reveals that the width of the chin is somewhat greater than that of the upper frame, with both the left and right sides exhibiting equal widths.

OnePlus 12 detailed renderings released

The OnePlus 12 smartphone is available in three distinct color options, namely a neutral shade, a light green hue, and a dark black variant. According to Li Jie, the President of OnePlus China, the company employs three distinct novel techniques, including the crown mirror, the starry sky dial, and the time scale. The recently developed design has been given the name “TIME” Design.

The OnePlus 12 smartphone features the third-generation Snapdragon 8 engine, a 6.82-inch 2K Oriental screen with a 120Hz LTPO adaptive refresh rate. Additionally, it is equipped with a 5400mAh battery that supports 100W cable fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging.

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The new phone is built with Sony’s latest flagship sensor, the LYT-808, which has an advanced super light and shadow imaging system. Additionally, it features a periscope telephoto lens, wireless charging capability, rain touch functionality, and various other options.

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