OPPO Find X3 launches ColorOS 14 x Android 14 internal beta

The OPPO Find X3 smartphone’s ColorOS 14 x Android 14 internal beta nolog recruiting was announced today, with a registration period running from October 25th to October 26th.

Steps to Applying

Make sure you have version as the foundation for your mobile phone. Checking the Version Number (How to) System Preferences > System Info > Version Number)

Follow the on-screen instructions to apply to join the internal beta by going to “Settings > About this machine > Top version information (above “Mobile phone name”) > Settings button in the upper right corner > Early adopter application > Upgrade internal beta” on your phone.

Within 5 business days after the end of recruitment, we will conduct the audit in batches. The interface for early adopters will be used to evaluate the findings.

OPPO Find X3

When the evaluation is complete, the version will be pushed in stages over the course of three business days.

It’s important to know that the new ColorOS 14 beta will be split into a log version and a nolog version for internal testing purposes. The Nolog version is currently being used for internal beta testing and recruitment.

When comparing the log and log versions of IT Home, the following is the main difference:

OPPO has warned its customers to switch to Android 14 cautiously because it is not yet compatible with many popular third-party apps. In addition, the phone may overheat, freeze, and drain battery rapidly due to a series of adaption and optimization operations that will be performed in the background by the system within two days after the upgrade.

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