PTA Tax on Samsung Galaxy A34 

Many smartphone owners in Pakistan prefer name-brand devices to cheap Chinese knockoffs. This includes Apple and Samsung. Many people think of well-known companies as status symbols because of the high regard in which they are held. For those of you in Pakistan who use the Samsung Galaxy A34, I’ve got some good news. The Federal Board of Revenue has informed Samsung that the PTA taxes on the Galaxy A34 have been lowered. Newly revised PTA tax information for the Samsung Galaxy A34 is provided below.

PTA Tax on Samsung Galaxy A34 

Samsung ModelPTA Tax on Passport (PKR)PTA Tax on CNIC (PKR)
Samsung Galaxy A349,78011,781

Despite the reduction, it is clear that taxes on obsolete and older-model smartphones remain unnecessarily expensive. As a result, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) should not impose taxes on mobile devices like smartphones. Our PTA Tax Calculator can also be used to answer questions about these levies and to calculate the PTA tax for other types of smartphones.

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