PTA Taxes on All Vivo Phones in Pakistan

Latest Update November 2023

Similar to numerous other smartphones, Vivo goods are subject to price-related taxes from FBR. So that you may quickly locate the tax on your smartphone, here is a lengthy list of PTA taxes applicable to all Vivo devices. Furthermore, it is important to note that all of these taxes are updated immediately upon any changes in taxes made by FBR.


PTA Taxes on All Vivo Phones in Pakistan

Vivo V29 PKR 51,743 PKR 92,950
Vivo Y27 PKR 9,780 PKR 11,781
Vivo Y36 PKR 9,780 PKR 11,781
Vivo S17 PKR 27,500 PKR 30,194
Vivo X90 PKR 49,709 PKR 59,153
Vivo X90 Pro PKR 66,211 PKR 78,791
Vivo X80 Pro PKR 62,085 PKR 73,881
Vivo X80 PKR 55,460 PKR 65,997
Vivo X Fold PKR 90,090 PKR 107,207
Vivo X Fold Plus PKR 104,843 PKR 124,763
Vivo V23 5G PKR 35,706 PKR 42,490
Vivo V23e 5G PKR 23,080 PKR 27,465
Vivo V21 PKR 31,456 PKR 37,432
Vivo Y15 PKR 7,701 PKR 9,164
Vivo Y15S PKR 10,576 PKR 12,585
Vivo Y95 PKR 18,828 PKR 22,405
Vivo Y75 PKR 18,703 PKR 22,256
Vivo Y75 5G PKR 19,454 PKR 23,150
Vivo Y91 PKR 14,703 PKR 17,496
Vivo Y91C PKR 10,327 PKR 12,289
Vivo Y51 PKR 17,453 PKR 20,769
Vivo Y51S PKR 17,453 PKR 20,769
Vivo V15 PKR 26,830 PKR 31,927
Vivo V15 Pro PKR 34,831 PKR 41,448
Vivo V20 PKR 27,706 PKR 32,970
Vivo V20 SE PKR 18,079 PKR 21,514
Vivo Y11 (2GB) PKR 5826 PKR 6932
Vivo Y11 (3GB) PKR 7952 PKR 9462

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In Pakistan, vivo has grown to be a well-known smartphone brand with a sizable user base. The company primarily sells cellphones in the midrange and cheap markets. The company’s two best-selling lineups are the V series and the Y series.

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