Recent WhatsApp Update Brings Status Search Bar Back

The WhatsApp beta for Android update includes a significant addition for the Updates tab: a search capability. In fact, after the debut of WhatsApp Channels, WhatsApp disabled this capability, making it more difficult for users to search for status updates. The functionality was in the works in prior versions of the app. Now, thanks to the current WhatsApp beta for Android update, this capability is finally being rolled out to some beta testers!

As we stated in our earlier article while the feature was in development, this feature was really useful because it was extremely difficult to search for status updates given by a specific contact with the new Updates page, making the user experience significantly worse. WhatsApp’s latest software update reintroduces the search feature for status updates. It includes significant enhancements that allow users to rapidly search for followed channels and other verified channels without having to access the directory.

Some beta testers can use the Updates tab search feature after installing the newest WhatsApp beta for Android update from the Google Play Store. It will be made available to even more people in the following days.

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