Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela limited edition mobile phone

Samsung has made an official announcement regarding the forthcoming release of the Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela limited edition. This exclusive variant of the smartphone will be made available for purchase in restricted quantities, commencing at 10:00 on November 30. The machine is currently available for purchase on and other sites, with a price tag of 13,999 yuan.

Based on available reports, it can be observed that the mobile phone in question is the second instance of a collaborative effort between Samsung and Maison Margiela, a prominent fashion house renowned for its haute couture creations in Paris. The objective is to transcend the confines of fashion and emphasize unrestricted individuality, as well as reestablish the intersection of fashion aesthetics and progressive technology.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Maison Margiela limited edition mobile phone

The poster showcases a machine that incorporates artistic components such as canvas, smear texture, and other design aspects. This artistic style is deeply influenced by notions of resistance, subversion, and the rejection of traditional norms. Furthermore, the machine prominently features Maison Margiela’s renowned “digital coding” design, which has become an iconic hallmark of the brand.

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Throughout the entirety of the fuselage, there is a recurring presence of the number “11” accompanied by a variety of components. According to Samsung, meticulous attention has been given to the design of every component of the phone in order to harmonise with Margiela’s creativity and principles.


In conjunction with the street art and graffiti-inspired aesthetic of its exterior, the device is accompanied by several accessories including a distinctive leather protective case, a smart theme protective case equipped with two NFC interaction cards, a 25W travel charger, and a USB data cable. Notably, the device’s design diverges from its predecessors with the absence of a three-layer pallet structure.

The device is outfitted with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor and features a 6.7-inch internal screen boasting a resolution of 2640×1080, a peak brightness of 1750nit, a pixel density of 425 PPI, and an adaptive refresh rate ranging from 1 to 120Hz. Additionally, it includes a 3.4-inch external screen with a resolution of 748×720, a peak brightness of 1600nit, a refresh rate of 60Hz, and is protected by Corning Victus 2 glass.


The device is equipped with an integrated 3700mAh battery, which facilitates 25W wired fast charging and 15W wireless charging capabilities. When in an unfolded state, the device measures 6.9mm in thickness, but in a folded state, it measures 15.1mm in thickness. Additionally, the device has a weight of 187g. The device is outfitted with a waterdrop hinge, a side-mounted fingerprint recognition system, dual stereo speakers, and offers support for NFC, IPX8 waterproofing, and other features.

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