WhatsApp Backup Update 2024

Google Drive Storage

Prepare yourself, Android users! WhatsApp is implementing a modification that will impact the utilization of Google Drive capacity for your backups. Previously, WhatsApp backups did not occupy any storage capacity on Google Drive, but, this is soon going to be altered. Even with a complimentary Google Drive subscription, the data from your WhatsApp backups will now be included in your storage capacity.


While a specific date for this modification has not been specified, users of the beta version of WhatsApp are already witnessing its implementation. Meta has officially announced that this modification would have an impact on every Android user within the initial six months of 2024. Before the implementation of this modification, you will receive a notification 30 days beforehand. The banner will be displayed in the Chat Backup settings within the application.


WhatsApp Backup Update 2024

If you are concerned about the storage capacity of your chat history on Google Drive, there are many measures you may take:

1. Direct Transfer: Utilize WhatsApp’s integrated Chat Transfer function to seamlessly transfer your data to a different device. Both phones must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, while an internet connection is not required.

2. Select the option to create backups exclusively for your text messages, excluding any accompanying images or videos. This has the potential to optimize storage capacity on Google Drive.

Google Drive Storage

This modification for Android users is analogous to the ongoing experience of iPhone users. WhatsApp backups on iPhones have consistently been included in the overall storage capacity of iCloud for users.

Recent WhatsApp Update Brings Status Search Bar Back

Android users, it is now necessary to make arrangements. Prepare yourself for the new method in which WhatsApp utilizes Google Drive storage, whether it involves transferring your chats, reducing the size of your media files, or switching to text-only backups.

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