Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro mobile phone appearance unveiled

On November 29, Xiaomi will hold a press conference to introduce the new K70 series of mobile phones and celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Redmi line. New mobile phones in the Redmi K70 series will soon be made available to the public.

Xiaomi has just today unveiled the Redmi K70 Pro’s final design. It’s “Ink Feather” that shows up first among the color schemes. The gadget has a lens-shaped flash and three cameras in the back of the module. Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro mobile phone

The billboard clearly shows that the phone’s back lens module has a two-tiered elevated design. The primary camera has a 50-megapixel, optically stabilized sensor, and can zoom in by two times its wide-angle setting.

In addition, the machine utilizes a right-angled center frame design and is furnished with chamfers to optimize the feel. The signature “ink feather” texture of the series is shown on the rear cover.

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Redmi K70 Pro is the first batch to be equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 smartphone platform. Yesterday, blogger @i Bing Universe announced on his blog that the Redmi K70 Pro would be launching with 12GB of RAM, as was previously reported by Comprehensive 4gpackages. The base price of the new machine may be adjusted if its memory costs more than the base price of the Redmi K60 Pro model released last year, which was 3,899 yuan. Of course, nothing will be officially disclosed until the press conference, and it’s possible that the new machine will improve production without increasing prices, keeping them in the same ballpark as the older models.


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