Double-digit decline in Chinese Apple sales

Apple, the prominent technology company based in Silicon Valley, has received unfavorable news regarding its sales performance in China. According to a report, there has been a significant fall of 30% in its sales compared to the previous year. Furthermore, analysts from Jefferies forecast that the downward trend will last until 2024. The recently released iPhone 15 series experienced an atypically sluggish beginning, leading to a 30% decrease compared to the previous year.

By contrast, the renowned technology company Huawei achieved impressive growth figures, mostly due to the success of its Mate 60 series in the domestic Chinese smartphone market.

Double-digit decline in Chinese Apple sales

The iPhone 15 was released approximately two weeks ago, following the unexpected unveiling of the Mate 60 Pro. According to industry observers, Chinese citizens supported Huawei’s flagship phone with its new domestically produced chipset primarily due to patriotism.

Apple’s anticipated decrease in sales by a percentage in the tens is projected to persist in the forthcoming year. As a result, numerous iPhone offers were identified in the past week on various online retail platforms. Nevertheless, despite the reduced prices, there was no growth in the quantity of sales.

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In addition, Jefferies projected that Huawei would have shipped 35 million units, a number that may have been higher if not for certain limitations in the supply chain.

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