Xiaomi’s 120W Gan Charger

Xiaomi has been in the forefront of the smartphone industry when it comes to incorporating ultra-fast charging capabilities. Its midrange selection currently often features 67W charging. Users have frequently complained that, despite this technological breakthrough, Xiaomi phone shipments typically come with thicker charging adapters. Concerns with the large form factor of earlier adapters were addressed by Xiaomi with the release of a small 67W charging brick.

Xiaomi’s 120W GaN Charger

This small-sized solution effectively provides 67W charging for all Xiaomi phones. Building on this achievement, Xiaomi is about to release a 120W compact charging adapter that uses GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology to produce impressive power in a much smaller package.

The 120W small charger hasn’t been officially unveiled by Xiaomi, but a picture of it has appeared on Weibo. Although Xiaomi has not yet made an official announcement, the source indicates that the new 120W GaN charging adapter will be unveiled at a special event in China.

The 67W and the future 120W adapters are compared, which highlights Xiaomi’s ongoing efforts to advance charging technology. Xiaomi hopes to improve user experience and satisfy growing demand for quick and effective charging choices for its devices by providing small but effective solutions.

It appears that we may expect a similar size decrease to that of the 67W GaN charger if the image posted on Weibo is a true representation of Xiaomi’s final 120W GaN charger design. The possibility of a 120W power brick in such a small form factor is impressive and demonstrates Xiaomi’s dedication to developing innovative charging technologies.

Although the 120W GaN charger’s availability and worldwide release schedule are yet unknown, Xiaomi is anticipated to launch this adapter in China first. This calculated action is consistent with Xiaomi’s market strategy, which frequently entails launching new goods in its native nation before branching out to other areas.

All things considered, the creation of the 120W GaN charger is an exciting milestone in the field of charging technology, offering Xiaomi users the promise of quicker and more effective charging times. Customers may anticipate more portable and potent charging options that improve the functionality and convenience of their gadgets as the corporation innovates in this field.

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