IT Ministry to Launch Bridge Start for Pakistani Startups

Final preparations are being made by the Ministry of IT and Telecom to launch BridgeStart Pakistan, an international startup exchange programme. Pakistani companies will have a unique chance to work with world-class incubators and accelerators through the brand-new programme. Pakistani government authorities reportedly have this programme mapped out. As a result, the startup ecosystem in Pakistan will be able to collaborate and innovate more effectively. It is important to note that businesses will go through a thorough selection procedure to be shortlisted. The exchange programme will open its doors to Pakistani startups once they have been selected. Their trips abroad will be paid for by the Pakistani government.

The noteworthy breakthrough was announced by Dr Umar Saif, the caretaker minister of information technology, telecom, and science and technology, in a social media post. In his statement, he said:

IT Ministry to Launch Bridge Start for Pakistani Startups

Important update for Pakistani firms eyeing international expansion. We gave the go-light to BridgeStart, a new programme that would annually fund 100 businesses. Their development will be expedited in one of the world’s top 40 incubators or accelerators.

According to sources, the chosen startups will be completely immersed in vibrant innovation environments while they are abroad. Gaining a glimpse into the day-to-day operations, collaborative mindset, and innovation culture of great businesses around the world will be an invaluable experience for them. Authorities from the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication claim that Pakistani entrepreneurs have been struggling for a long time due to a lack of exposure on a global scale. Additionally, these businesses aren’t part of a larger ecosystem, which makes it hard for them to compare themselves to industry leaders on a worldwide scale. Their ability to develop goods and services that can compete on a global scale is hindered by this.

An important start towards resolving these enduring issues is the recently announced BridgeStart Pakistan initiative. As a bonus, it is designed to open doors that Pakistani startups have never seen before. According to ministry authorities, Pakistani entrepreneurs had a banner year in 2023, raising a whopping $75.6 million in investment. It alludes to the startups’ ability and importance to spur innovation and economic progress. That is why the government of Pakistan is determined to assist them through programmes like BridgeStart Pakistan. I say we just sit tight and see what happens. Keep watching for additional updates!

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