Huawei and Sharp sign long-term global patent

The official website of Huawei has just made an announcement on the signing of a new long-term worldwide patent cross-licensing deal between Huawei and Sharp. The deal encompasses cellular standard critical patents, specifically those pertaining to 4G and 5G technologies.

The license agreement signifies the reciprocal acknowledgment of intellectual property rights between the two companies as customary contributors, while also fostering collaboration in standardization efforts. Our organization has consistently demonstrated a strong dedication to collaborating with both Japanese and international partners in order to advance the development of technical standards. This commitment is steadfast and will persist in the coming years. It is advisable to maintain ongoing collaboration with fellow peers. The implementation of advanced technical standards has the potential to enhance user experience, foster competitiveness, and mitigate expenses related to equipment and services. Fan Zhiyong, a notable addition, was included.

Huawei and Sharp sign long-term global patent

Mototaka Taneya, an individual holding the positions of Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Head of Research and Development at Sharp, expressed satisfaction over the establishment of a global patent cross-licensing agreement with Huawei. This agreement is founded upon principles of fairness, reasonableness, and non-discrimination. This agreement signifies the significant importance that both parties attribute to one another. The concept of “respect for intellectual property rights” refers to the recognition and acknowledgment of the legal and ethical ownership of intellectual creations.

A global patent cross-licensing agreement has been announced by Huawei and Xiaomi, encompassing communication technologies, notably the 5G network.

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