Qi2 chargers up to 15W for wireless charging of Apple iPhone

Belkin, a manufacturer of accessories, unveiled two new 15W Qi2 wireless chargers at the CES 2024 trade show. These chargers are compatible with Apple devices like the iPhone and AirPods, allowing for convenient charging.

The product is the Belkin BoostCharge Pro Convertible MagSafe Charger.

This is a collapsible Qi2 wireless charger that is specifically designed to be compatible with Apple MagSafe technology, allowing it to charge iPhones with a power output of 15W. The charger has a magnetic configuration to uphold your iPhone in a vertical orientation.

The device is presently being offered at a discounted price on the Amazon platform. It will be released on January 31st, with a price tag of US$59.99 (equivalent to approximately 430 yuan).

Qi2 chargers up to 15W for wireless charging of Apple iPhone

The product is called BoostCharge Pro 2-in-1.
A revised iteration of the Charger was introduced in the autumn of last year. The device features a set of adjacent magnetic pads with a significantly smaller form factor compared to its previous iteration. The original charger exhibits angular edges and a bulky overall shape, whereas the new charger boasts a sleeker appearance.

The main pad is compatible with 15W charging speeds using the Qi2 standard, but the secondary pad adheres to the regular 5W Qi coil.

The charger is precisely aligned and capable of charging both iPhones and AirPods. This device is small in size and well-suited for use while traveling and on business excursions.

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